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Yazira uses patent-pending technology to provide the most efficient way to manage your employee’s timesheets, schedules, time-offs and, performances all-in-one place.

Automagical Timesheet & Schedule Management.

Employees can simply walk-in to clock-in and walk-out to clock-out of work to automatically record their digital timesheets. Moreover, they can easily manage their tasks, meetings, breaks or time-offs all in one place.

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Ingenious Employee Productivity Analytics.

Regardless of whether you have salaried employees or hourly employees, keeping track of your employee work hours and schedules have never been easier. Employees are motivated to work smarter when their work is more quantifiable, analyzable and comparable.

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Performance Reviews Made Smarter.

Coworkers give each other performance reviews anonymously as easy as leaving a restaurant review. Employees don't need to wait a whole year to fix or improve themselves at work. Employees are encouraged to leave peer reviews for work completed together.

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Say To The Smartphone Workforce

We are available on both iOS and Android devices.