Our founding story

Our founders have worked quite a few jobs in large companies, in the past. While working at bigger companies they often found various ways to avoid spending time at work.

They would often take longer lunch breaks, ask a colleague to clock them into work early or exaggerate their own estimated work hours on weekly timesheets. They eventually found themselves uninspired to work at those companies but their employers had no way of knowing that they weren't working as much as required.

When they realized that their employers never apprehended their absences or weren't giving them frequent feedback and proper performance reviews, they often ended up leaving their jobs unsatisfied with their career prospects.

Eventually, they formed a world-class team to research how big of a problem employee time-theft was. They concluded from various research studies that employee time theft is an enormous problem for American employers. In fact, American businesses are collectively losing over $7.4 billion a day towards employee time and task management issues. Moreover, American employers are also losing over $1.5 billion a day in productivity specifically towards employee time theft. American employers are essentially paying for the equivalent of almost an extra hour of work per workday for each of their employees.

They concluded that since most American employees and employers own a personal smartphone, they could probably create better time management and frequent performance reviewing solution, one that would make them employees more accountable, responsible and empowered. They asked themselves what if employees could automatically track their own work hours, could the managers and employers decrease employee time theft and time management issues.

They also asked themselves what if employees felt empowered and responsible enough such that they wouldn't feel the need to essentially "steal" time from work in the first place. They asked themselves what if employees were frequently given performance feedback such that they could improve themselves on the job rather than wait a whole year for annual performance reviews or worse after they are laid off. Hence Yazira was born. Today, we are very dedicated to making the world's workplaces a more efficient and productive place.

Our values

  • Our core values are what makes us one of the best companies in the world. Our values are perfectly aligned with our mission to make the world's workplaces a more efficient place.
  • We feel that employees should feel empowered, responsible, accountable and have a sense of ownership mentality towards their own work.
  • We feel that employees should feel that their colleagues are like family members and everyone should feel equally responsible and accountable for each other's successes.
  • We feel that employees should focus on the long term successes and not get dissuaded by short term failures.
  • We feel that our customers and clients are like our extended family members and it is our responsibility to look for their best interests at all times.
  • We feel that our customers deserve our utmost respect and full transparency from us. And we feel that our customers should always feel content with us and our progress because it directly affects their success as well as ours.

Our mission

Our core mission is to make the world's workplaces more responsible, accountable and efficient. We thrive to help employees become more empowered when they are equipped with the right tools and values. We believe that with the right tools, employers and managers can manage their employee's time with minimal effort. We want to build the world's best software services that help employers manage their employees better and help their employees work more efficiently.

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