Every single feature in one product, at no extra charge.

Yazira is the smartest universal solution for employers and employees to foster a more productive, efficient & responsible workplace. Whether you're a part of a small team or a giant enterprise, our all-inclusive solution will make your workplace fun & fruitful.

Employers love to manage their employees using Yazira.

We provide extremely useful, beautiful and real-time dashboards to analyze your employee's work hours, tasks, teams, meetings, schedules, time-offs, and breaks. Stay up to date with intelligent alerts reminding you of employees who need more guidance, inspiration or disciplinary actions. Stay alert with smart notifications reminding you to motivate employees who are outperforming. Make your company more efficient & smarter.


Analyze time, tasks, teams, breaks and many other intelligent reports about your employees.


Create, manage and update your employee's work schedules anytime.


Manage unlimited team members. Add or remove employees anytime.


Create and manage unlimited activities. Your activities can only be viewed or edited by tagged employees.


Add and manage unlimited locations of importance for your company.


Provide frequent feedback to your employees and improve their performances.

Employees are more efficient and responsible when they use Yazira.

Update your timesheets & work hours automatically by simply walking in and out of work. Track your tasks, teams and schedules straight from your phone. Find out who else is at work at any moment in time. Set up meetings and tag your colleagues and managers to join. Analyze your work hours, tasks, teams, breaks and time-offs by seeing how much time you spend on what.


Create, manage and update your employee's work schedules anytime.


Set up and manage unlimited meetings. Tag your colleagues to join you.


Take unlimited breaks and track your breaks whenever you leave your workplace.


Automatically track your work times by going in and out of work.


Give and receieve frequent reviews regarding your performances and work progress.


Stay up-to-date with alerts and reminders about your work schedules, tasks and meetings.

Universal Features

Access from anywhere.

Employers and managers can access, analyze & manage their employees from the web. Employees can access, add & update their tasks, schedules, teams & meetings from our mobile apps.

Notifications anytime.

Receive push notifications about meetings, tasks, teams & schedule changes directly on your smartphones. Receive email notifications about important updates & intelligent detections.

Integrations with anyone.

Export timesheets and schedule data to use with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Export meetings, tasks & schedules to use with Apple or Google Calendar. Export any other data for payroll or accounting softwares.

Unlimited data usage.

Manage unlimited teams, tasks, schedules, meetings and breaks. Analyze unlimited reports related to time or task management. Add unlimited work locations and employees.

Affordable monthly billing.

Our services have better features at a much cheaper price than competitors. We always charge monthly regardless of an annual or monthly contract so you can focus more on your own business.

24/7 support.

Reach us via email support any time during the day. Reach us via live chat messaging any time during the day. We will always respond within 24 hours regardless of whether it's a weekday or weekend.