Security is our highest priority.

At Yazira, security is one of our highest priorities. Our users entrust us with their information every day.

Our core value of putting our users first powers all of the decisions we make, including how we manage and protect the data of our users. We never stop working to ensure Yazira is secure. We follow industry standards and have developed our own best practices to stay ahead of the increasing number of threats facing our services.

Regular backups

We take our role as a protector of your data extremely seriously. We use industry standard data storage and firewall technologies to ensure that your information is always backed up, no matter what happens.

Mobile security

Our mobile applications and websites uses the same levels and methods of security as our website. We also follow the standard security practices recommended by Mobile operating systems (iOS & Android).

Location security

We collect your location information through your smartphone GPS, WiFi, or Wireless Network Triangulation data for the purposes of providing the best possible time tracking solutions for your workplaces. We maintain location information only so long as is reasonable to provide our services. We never track, store or collect your location information when you are not present in any designated workplace of your own company.

We only track your location when you enter or exit your workplaces. All of your location information is tied with you and your company securely and will never be shared with any other company or individual from another company.

Bank account privacy

Your banking and credit card information always stays private. We follow PCI compliancy rules and we use industry standard methods to securely store your banking information. The bank account information you provide in order to make your monthly billing is secured using the same technology used by banks. Our employees never have access to your financial information, except on an absolute need-to-know basis.

Secure web encryption

Your transmitted data is kept safe using the highest encryption standard available: 256-bit SSL. This is the same technology that banks use to keep your account information safe. All account information you provide, including passwords, credit cards and personal details, is protected using this technology.

We also follow the HIPAA compliance standards to ensure your health information is secure and private.

Partnerships with industry

We work closely with other organizations throughout the technology industry to improve the security of Yazira. This sharing and collaboration has helped us improve our security standards and our own best practices.

If you or your company would like to suggest further stronger security measures, please contact us.